Handmade Jewelry


Mission Statement

YaviReyes Fashion House combines craftsmanship, creativity and elegance to create high-quality custom products that empower the wearer while helping children through charitable contributions.

About "Storie"

"Storie" is a fashion statement with a purpose. The new YAVI Jewelry line was inspired by the idea that one intention can be unlimited. Many times words are the capsule of dreams, confidence, courage, and so many other things. We all view them from a different standpoint but share them in the same manner: expression. Storie wrist words are like tattoos in that they're a form of expression to remind you of your mantra, or a connection to YOUR Storie.   


YAVI's Jewelry Lines Storie is to be able to give back. We live in a world where paying it forward could be hard on a large scale, but every bead adds up. This is why 10% of each sale will go towards St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. It's our way of continuing this chain of stories, especially in places that matter.

If you would like to donate directly to the foundation, visit their website here 

I want to thank you first hand for being a part of this more significant intention. Looking forward to seeing all of your Stories while we create a brand new one to pay it forward!