Latin Pop Artist Vikina | Vintage Memoir

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Latin Pop Artist Vikina stars in the Vintage Memoir photo-shoot and fashion film production. The singer gave life to each design as she gracefully posed in couture YaviReyes gowns.

The unique project took place at the historic Art Deco National Hotel on Miami Beach. The breathtaking vintage decor, curated by the hotel's marketing director, Nicole Whittaker, was the perfect dose of glamour.

A special thanks to guitarist Hugo Fuguet for his song "Resurface" and Marci Calabretta for her price winning poetry book "Hour of the Ox." Also thanks to celebrity handbag designer, Mercedes Brunelli, for the one of a kind clutch and Venezuelan jewelry designer, Oro Turquesa .

A project of this magnitude would not have been possible without the artistry of hairstylist Sauda Selah and MUA Wiggy Pierre .

And of course, I tip my hat off to photographer Hugo J. Quizhpi, who caught every second and brought it to life beautifully in photographs and film.

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