Yaima Victoria Reyes is a fashion designer and the creative director of her label: YaviReyes.  She is from Cuba of Chinese descent.  At the age of ten, her family moved to Kansas City, where the city’s rich history in dressmaking inspired her enthusiasm for fashion and much more.


By early 2000, her passion for creating clothing led her to books on sewing and fashion design.  As a self-taught designer, her attention to detail, style, and the female silhouette have influenced her to create timeless pieces.  Two words can describe her style: Modern Vintage. 



In 2018, her first collection "Modern Vintage" made its debut at the Ancient Spanish Monastery Fashion Show.  Since then her designs have been a part of various fashion shows and worn by beauty pageant queens, singers and models.  Recently, three of her gowns have been worn by handbag designer, Mercedes Brunnelli to the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards, the 61st Grammy Awards and the 46th Daytime Emmy Awards.


She lives with her children and fiance in Miami, where she continues to refine her craft in a city renowned for its role in fashion.